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Enterprise Architecture & Agile –

By Patrice Kerremans, Stéphane Campo, Jan Casteels, Jean François Declercq, Kristof Dierckxsens, Bart Du Bois – XPLUS Consulting As enterprise architects, we are […]

XPLUS Community: How to send your legacy applications on a well-deserved retirement? Ep. 1

How to send your legacy applications on a well-deserved retirement? In this series, several of our consultants will give their advises on one […]

XPLUS Talks: meet Rudy Wouters, ING chief architect

Last week I spent a few hours talking with the Chief Architect Rudy Wouters ( ING Tech Chief architect for Market Leaders ). […]

Verifiable Claims: distributed proof of one or more capabilities

By Patrice Kerremans What is it? The official definition from the W3C Credentials Community Group is: A statement made by an entity about […]

Book Review: The Phoenix Project

By Frédéric Crabbe &  Hans Dijckmans Frédéric Crabbe This is a novel which tries to explain the underlying story of how an organisation […]

Microservices and SOA

By Patrice Kerremans I’ve always had the impression that the microservices movement was trying nothing more than to apply SOA with common sense. […]

Building better work relationships

By Frédéric Crabbe It is strange to think that we spend more time on a daily basis with the people we work with […]